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Castle of Dance is the dance school that combines social and urban dance, for every student to get their dance skills in a fun and efficient way, without any judgments, stereotypes, or limitations. We welcome anyone, regardless of their physical ability or mental capacity. 


We work innovatively and creatively to teach each dance style with games, exercises, and technical aspects to provide the best dance experience. At our institute, we don’t just teach dance steps, we teach the story behind each dance and its associated steps. We aim to help you comprehend the meaning of each step so that you can feel and express your dance uniquely.

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“We strongly believe that the progress you achieve in physical, mental, and self-confidence growth while in the dance studio extends beyond its boundaries. Dancing serves as a form of therapy, helping in better self-understanding and positively impacting your daily life.”

— Chamalo, Founder Castle of Dance

Level Guide

In dancing, whether it’s mastering the fundamental steps or delving into the most intricate concepts, the difficulty level varies. At Castle of Dance, we structure our curriculum across five distinct levels. This approach enables you to learn how to freestyle effectively, develop your unique dance style, and express yourself freely with whomever you choose, whenever you desire.


It’s important to note that each lesson is distinct, and even if we revisit the same topic, it’s never repeated to the letter.


Start early, feel less pressure, and improve faster. We'll make learning easy, helping movements become muscle memory. Have fun dancing solo or with partners, building a supportive community. Program focuses on 5 Kizomba techniques for proper posture and expression.


Master basics, explore complex combinations. Leaders learn new moves, followers add styling. Fine-tune basics, work on balance, timing, and control. Learn cross steps, directional changes, and advanced moves.


Dance well with relaxed technique, focusing more on musicality. Enhance footwork, shadows, and speed. Develop through exercises and complex steps, building on existing skills.


Master foundation techniques for personal expression. Explore creativity with isolation, interpretation, and new steps. Never stop learning, even revisiting beginner classes for new insights. Castle of Dance encourages continuous growth in partner dancing.



The Triple Trouble Dance Course


Did you know that versatile dancers in the Kizomba scene typically perform three times better than those who focus solely on one Kizomba style?


That's why we're excited to offer you exactly what you've been waiting for: a course featuring three diverse dance styles. Introducing "The Triple Trouble" with options including Kizomba, Semba, RN'Kiz, Tarraxinha, Urban Kiz, Konpa, Zouk Love, Fusion, High Heels, Men Styling, and Lady Styling.



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  • How are photographs and videos handled when taken during classes, workshops, and events at Castle of Dance?
    Dear valued Students and Guests, At Castle of Dance, we believe that every step, every turn, and every beat is a moment worth celebrating. Please beware of the following notice which applies to all students and guests attending our gatherings. Photography and Videography Notice All photographs and videos captured during classes, workshops, and events at Castle of Dance will be used exclusively for marketing and promotional purposes. These captivating visuals will decorate our website, social media channels, and promotional materials, showcasing the vibrancy and passion that define our dance family. Thank you for being part of our dance family. Much Love, Team Castle
  • Why are level checks mandatory?
    Our level check is a unique opportunity to receive personal feedback from the instructor and to dance at the right level. We believe that you get the most out of classes by dancing at your own level. During the level check you will already meet other students and get to practice on the dance floor. Make your dance steps at Castle of Dance and start with level control. We advise you to sign up for the level check. Level improvers and higher New Castle of Dance students (with kizomba experience) who want to start at advanced level must first do a level check. If you buy a ticket without a level check, the ticket will be cancelled. Current students are advised to move to a higher level during their classes. Didn't get that advice yet, but want to know if you can advance? Then do the level check. Important: without this level check you are not allowed to dance at the next level. If you purchase a ticket without a level check, the ticket will be canceled Kizomba Level Check Schedule 2024 - Season 2 Video level check If by chance you are not able to do the level check at this location and time. We have two options for you: Do the check at our other locations in Amsterdam, Utrecht or Zoetermeer Sent a video of you dancing at e.g. a social event to We will give you advise based on that video. Beginner If you start at the beginner level, a level check is not necessary. Then we love to see you at the free trial lesson for beginners. More information: Please be on time. Free parking When doing the level check in Utrecht: When you enter de Schooneggendreef just drive as far as you can till the end of the parking area. Put your car or bicycle there. At the end of the building, go left and you will see our banners where you can enter the building.
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