Castle Of Dance

Castle of Dance is a professional dance school with its own studios in Amsterdam and Zoetermeer that stands for a fun learning process with creative exercises to help improve your dance skills

About Us

Castle of Dance is a mix of social dance and urban dance where we push away any judgement, limitations of stereotypes, brain limitation and the physical aptitude from any dance style. We work in an innovative way to teach each dance style with games, exercises and technical aspects to provide the best cocktail to get a fun lesson with quality.

We teach more than just steps, every dance has a story and every dance step comes along with it. Our goal is for the student to understand the meaning of each step, so you can feel every single thing in your own way. With dancing, we unleash the maximum potential of each member by helping you achieve goals by guiding you to the different possibilities you can reach. We believe that the progress you make (physically, mentally or in terms of self-confidence) will not end in the dance studio.

You will also make progress in your daily lives, because dancing is a therapy that helps you to get to know yourself even better. We stand for a fun learning process with creative exercises that help improve dance skills.

New Season

Kizomba - Rn’Kiz - Tarraxinha (Amsterdam)

Did you know that a versatile dancer in the Kizomba scene
generally performs 3 times better than a dancer who focuses on 1 kizomba style only?

That's why we give you what you have been waiting for, 1 course with 3 dance styles THE TRIPLE TROUBLE with (KIZOMBA/SEMBA - RN'KIZ- TARRAXINHA) . In this new season you can come a step closer to your maximum potential and achieve your goals by taking advantage of the possibilities of our new program with our special techniques, tricks and tips.

You will progress As long as you trust the learning process and keep practicing on what you learned in the lessons. Expect innovative teaching methods for each dance style, included games, exercises and technical aspects to give you the best cocktail for an entertaining class with quality.

RN'KIZ School


We are proud to present the first RN'KIZ SCHOOL in the world powered by Castle of dance GET THE POWER OF KIZOMBA MIXED WITH HIP - HOP with 3 levels, where we push away the limits.

Because all dances are fusions and structured fusions bring evolution as long as you keep and understand their essence, their groove and connect them in a logical way. For this reason we have developed the RN'KIZ concept, to have this exclusive opportunity to learn 2 dance styles in one dance class, where you learn the foundation , the basic step and the groove of Hip-Hop and Kizomba.

Your Safe Space

We wants to offer you a safe place, where mutual respect and multicultural aspects are present (no matter where you come from, where you live, what profession you do). It will be a safe place where people can belong, not just as students, but as part of a community where you care for each other, make new friends, and much more. Where you can express your feelings through dance without being judged by others.

Instead, you will be empowered by the teachers, receiving good vibes and positive energy from us. A place where you can forget your problems and feel free from stress.

The Best International Teachers In Town

Ticket Prices

Triple Double Solo
(90mins / lesson)

129€ - 1 course
199€ - 2 courses
229€ - 3 courses

Triple Double Couple
(90mins / lesson)

245€ - 1 course
385€ - 2 courses
425€ - 3 courses

RN'Kiz Solo
(55mins / lesson)

60€ - 1 course
105€ - 2 courses
229€ - 3 courses

RN'Kiz Couple
(55mins / lesson)

105€ - 1 course
195€ - 2 courses
230€ - 3 courses

Home Private Lessons

Experience the best private lessons on the topic of your choice, with Chamalo.

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Our contribution to the dance community

Seasons of sharing our dance knowledge.

Satisfied students and lifelong Castle family.

A place to learn what Kizomba is truly about! Connection not only in the dance but also with the entire team. I gained trust, confidence, and skills through COD.