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Kizomba Beginners Zoetermeer

  • 7Weeks
  • 18Steps


Start early, feel less pressure, and improve faster. We'll make learning easy, helping movements become muscle memory. Have fun dancing solo or with partners, building a supportive community. Program focuses on 5 Kizomba techniques for proper posture and expression. House Rules - Before any sign up for a level above beginner you need to have a level check (for the beginner lessons you just need to sign up online and show up for your lessons) - All students are able to catch only one missed lesson per course (the caught lesson need to be done in the same season) - For all the students who would like to attempt a level higher you will need to do a level check (the teacher will make the decision if you can go to a level higher or not) - Every disrespectful attitude toward another student or the teacher will have consequences. - We do not refund any tickets, we postpone them (except for extraordinary situations) Reach a step closer to your maximum potential and achieve your goals by taking advantage of the possibilities of our new program with our special techniques, tricks, and tips. The progress you will make (physically, mentally, or confidence) will not stop in the dance studio. They will also continue in society, at the party, and at dance festivals. You stand for a continuous learning process and keep practicing what was learned in the lessons.

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