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Our Method

Our dance school does not only focus on a choreo but also on the technique. We do different exercises to work on this technique, which we put to use in a choreo at the end of every lesson. Your teachers will work with you on your style, technique, flow, energy, basics, musicality, creativity, and more! Expect challenging lessons with a lot of fun and passion.
Each week expect a different dance style under the Kizomba Umbrella or a different theme like musicality, groove & texture, and tricks

What we do?

Work with you on your style, technique, flow, energy, basics, musicality, creativity, and more!

Why we do it?

We want to help you grow - not only as a dancer, but also as a person.

Our Lessons

We focus on technique rather than only moves, because with the right technique, you can create your own moves and style

To ensure an optimal learning environment, our lessons last one hour and are always accompanied by free dancing during every lesson.

We are one of the few dance schools in the Netherlands who also focuses on the origins, history, and culture behind the dance.

Castle of Dance offers the best teachers who are trained by King Chamalo (Kizomba world champion 2016).

The Best International Teachers In Town

Ticket Prices

Triple Double Solo
(90mins / lesson)

129€ - 1 course
199€ - 2 courses
229€ - 3 courses

Triple Double Couple
(90mins / lesson)

245€ - 1 course
385€ - 2 courses
425€ - 3 courses

RN'Kiz Solo
(55mins / lesson)

60€ - 1 course
105€ - 2 courses
229€ - 3 courses

RN'Kiz Couple
(55mins / lesson)

105€ - 1 course
195€ - 2 courses
230€ - 3 courses

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Level Check & Try Out

Check the level of your dance skills and try out our classes.

Home Private Lessons

Experience the best private lessons on the topic of your choice, with Chamalo.

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Our contribution to the dance community

Seasons of sharing our dance knowledge.

Satisfied students and lifelong Castle family.

A place to learn what Kizomba is truly about! Connection not only in the dance but also with the entire team. I gained trust, confidence, and skills through COD.