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Kizomba dancing in Zoetermeer:

A step in the right direction


Kizomba has taken the dance world by storm, and Zoetermeer is no exception. In 2022, Chamalo, the 2016 kizomba world champion, expanded his reach beyond Amsterdam and Utrecht by opening a location in his hometown of Zoetermeer. This expansion has made kizomba dancing accessible to even more people in Zoetermeer.


The growth of kizomba in Zoetermeer


Zoetermeer has always had a vibrant and diverse dance culture. The addition of Castle of Dance adds even more rhythm and passion to this scene. With classes suitable for both beginners and advanced dancers, kizomba dancing is now within reach for everyone in Zoetermeer and the surrounding areas.


Dance schools in Zoetermeer: from Salsaventura to Castle of Dance


Zoetermeer is blessed with a variety of kizomba schools. In addition to the newcomer Castle of Dance, there are established names like Salsaventura and Release Academy. Each school has its own unique style and approach to teaching, allowing you to explore and find the atmosphere that suits you best.


Kizomba lessons in Zoetermeer: your rhythm, your pace


As the newest addition to Zoetermeer's dance scene, Castle of Dance is more than just a dance school. It is a vibrant community that offers a unique, personalized approach to kizomba instruction, tailored to your pace and rhythm.


A kizomba course for diverse skill levels


In Zoetermeer, we offer a kizomba course for every dancer, regardless of your level of experience. Whether you're just starting out or have years of experience, you'll find a kizomba course that suits you at our school.


Come dance kizomba in Zoetermeer


Kizomba is more than just a dance; it's a way of life, an expression of joy and passion. Zoetermeer now offers a wide range of opportunities to experience this. Sign up for a trial class or level check at our dance school.


Kizomba lessons in Zoetermeer

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